ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level - CTFL v4.0 has been released

16th October 2023

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that the ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) v4.0 has been released! This significant achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved in bringing this latest version to life. We extend our warmest congratulations to all those who contributed to the successful release of CTFL v4.0.

What does the CTFL V4.0 release include?
The release of CTFL v4.0 brings with it a wealth of valuable information and resources for software testers. One notable change is the introduction of live streaming as the medium to announce the product release. For the first time ever, the unveiling of CTFL v4.0 took place through a live streaming event held at 9:00 CEST. Attendees eagerly awaited the release note, which was made available later in the day.

Now, let’s dive into what this release entails. CTFL v4.0 comprises several essential components that will greatly benefit aspiring and experienced testers. First and foremost is the updated ISTQB® Certified Foundation Level Syllabus (v4.0) in PDF format. This comprehensive syllabus serves as a roadmap for individuals seeking to establish a strong foundation in software testing methodologies and practices.

In addition to the syllabus, CTFL v4.0 includes the Sample Exam Questions and Answers (v4.0) in PDF format. These resources provide invaluable practice material to help testers prepare for their CTFL certification examination. By familiarising themselves with the sample questions and their corresponding answers, aspiring testers can enhance their knowledge and gain confidence before sitting for the actual exam.

CTFL V4.0 guidelines
To ensure the accreditation process aligns with the latest version, the Accreditation Guidelines (v4.0) have been released alongside the CTFL v4.0 materials. These guidelines outline the criteria and standards for accrediting training providers and ensuring the delivery of high-quality education and certification programs. Testers and organizations can refer to these guidelines to choose accredited training providers and make informed decisions regarding their certification journey.

Furthermore, the release includes the comprehensive Release Notes (v4.0) in PDF format. These notes provide detailed information about the updates, enhancements, and changes made in CTFL v4.0. Testers can refer to these notes to gain insights into the specific modifications introduced in this latest version and better understand its impact on their testing practices.

It’s worth noting that the exam documents have also been updated to align with CTFL v4.0. The Exam Structure Table has been revised to version 1.6, ensuring that the exam accurately reflects the content and objectives covered in the latest syllabus. Test takers should familiarize themselves with this updated structure to have a clear understanding of the exam’s format and expectations.

How to access new content and resources
To access the new content and resources related to CTFL v4.0, interested individuals can visit the CTFL page on the official ISTQB® website. The page provides easy access to the PDF documents, allowing testers to download and study the materials at their convenience. For those who may still be pursuing the previous version, CTFL v3.1 materials remain available on a dedicated page, catering to the needs of both current and aspiring testers.

For holders of CTFL v3.1 and previous versions, there’s good news. Your certifications remain valid, and there is no requirement to upgrade or retake the exam. However, it’s important to note that CTFL v4.0 represents a major version update, and therefore, the material has been reaccredited to reflect the latest industry standards and best practices.

With the release of CTFL v4.0 now public, Member Boards and Exam Providers are encouraged to share this information through various channels. Websites can be updated, social media posts can be made, and any relevant platforms can reference the ISTQB® website and the deliverables associated with CTFL v4.0. The ISTQB® social media team has already scheduled posts to spread the word about this significant release.

The release of ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) v4.0 is cause for celebration in the software testing community. This major release brings new opportunities for testers to enhance their skills and knowledge. The CTFL v4.0 package includes the updated syllabus, sample exam questions and answers, accreditation guidelines, and release notes, all of which contribute to a comprehensive and enriched learning experience. Current CTFL v3.1 certification holders need not worry, as their certifications remain valid. However, testers are encouraged to explore the new materials and stay updated with the latest industry standards. The release note, shared after a live streaming event, contains detailed information about the enhancements and changes introduced in CTFL v4.0. With the news now public, Member Boards and Exam Providers are encouraged to disseminate the information through various channels, further expanding the reach of this valuable certification.

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