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The excitement about the ISTQB® CTFL 4.0 is growing rapidly! Don't miss the chance to boost interest in your social media channels with our power-packed social media materials for CTFL 4.0! 🌟


Tailored for your convenience, these resources can be utilized in English or localized to resonate better with your audience. Your Board has the choice!

Your marketing team is welcome to utilize the materials in English or localize them - feel free to update the texts for your channels!

Collaborate with ISTQB® for localization (images and texts)

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Other CTFL 4.0 Resources:

CTFL 4.0 with Michael Pilaeten - available on our Youtube channel provides compehensive insights into the updates and crucial changes in the Foundation Level syllabus.

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Are you receiving queries about CTFL 4.0 and wondering how best to respond? Look no further! We have compiled a comprehensive FAQ section that addresses some of the questions your community might have.


New CTFL 4.0 logo

With the recent launch of the new CTFL 4.0 syllabus, we would like to introduce the new CTFL 4.0 logo. This logo proudly represents the essence of the updated syllabus. Any future versions of the syllabus will have a new logo provided. We kindly request you to download the appropriate logo files from the ISTQB® SharePoint platform and distribute them to your examination and training providers.


Regarding the new logo, the Executive Committee recommendation is to add "4" to the CTFL acronyms and make it visible as a new certification instead of grouping it with the previous CTFL. The above recommendation also applies to other certifications. Detailed instructions below. Due to the change of the acronym to CTFL4, we kindly request that the CTFL 3.1 version retains the acronym CTFL3 until the CTFL 3.1 syllabus becomes effective.

Download new logotype

ISTQB® Webinar

Don't miss out on the upcoming ISTQB® Webinar! Join us on May 9th for an informative session about the changes to the Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) Syllabus.

As a testing professional, it's important to stay up-to-date with the latest changes in the field. The CTFL 4.0 certification provides essential knowledge that can be put to practical use, and explains the terminology and concepts used worldwide in the testing domain.

Whether you're project is based on Waterfall or Agile or your organization culture is DevOps, or still struggling with stable Continuous Integration, the CTFL certification is relevant across software delivery approaches and practices.

During the webinar, you'll learn about the recent updates to the syllabus and gain a deeper understanding of the fundamental concepts of software testing. Our expert presenters will share their insights and answer any questions you may have during the Q & A session.

The webinar will be streamed live on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, making it easily accessible for everyone.

You can join the session from the comfort of your own home or office and learn at your own pace.

This is a great opportunity to elevate your testing knowledge and empower your agile transformation.

Don't miss out on this valuable learning opportunity!

Mark your calendars for May 9th and join us for the ISTQB webinar on the updates to the Certified Tester Foundation Level Syllabus.

Will ISTQB qualifications be recognised in the EU after Brexit?

Will ISTQB qualifications be recognised in the EU after Brexit?

Yes, ISTQB qualifications issued from the UK and Ireland Testing Board (UKITB) accredited exam partners (BCS or iSQI) will continue to be recognised in the EU and worldwide after Brexit.

There will be no change to the status of certificates issued prior to Brexit.


How to add your details to the Successful Candidate Register (SCR)

ISTQB® have implemented a fully searchable Successful Candidate Register.

You can search the register to verify a certificate. Certificate holders meeting the search criteria will be listed with an anonymised certificate number, meaning some digits are replaced by ***. This feature allows UKITB and ISTQB® to protect the certificate number from being misused but gives enough information to verify a certificate number that an individual has provided.

Inclusion in the register is voluntary so not all certificate holders will be included. The register is updated regularly but please allow some time for your details to appear – if you have any concerns please contact your certificate issuer.

BCS LogoiSQI LogoIndividuals holding an ISTQB® certification before the launch of the Successful Candidate Register may not yet be listed, please contact the Exam Provider, either BCS or iSQI who issued your certificate for information on how to be added (note: terms and conditions may vary by exam provider).

If you would like to withdraw or amend your information from the register please contact the Exam Provider, either BCS or iSQI who issued your certificate.

Employment & Certificate Screening

If you need to undertake pre-employment and certificate screening on behalf of a client and have been asked to confirm that a candidate has obtained a professional qualification through the UKITB, you will need to contact the Exam Body that conducted the examination on behalf of the UKITB.

You can contact the exam partners for more details:

BCS Certification Information
Tel: + 44 (0)1793 417655
Email: customerservice@bcs.uk

iSQI Certification Information
Tel: + 44 (0) 118 9000 700
Email: customersupport@isqi.org

How do I replace a lost or missing certificate?

If you have lost or misplaced your ISTQB certificate, it is possible to apply for a replacement from your exam provider.

The UK and Ireland Testing Board partner with both BCS and iSQI for exam provision.

When you contact the exam partner that you took your exam through, please remember you will need to provide your name, training provider (if relevant), exam date and address.

You can contact the exam partners for more details:

BCS Logo
iSQI Logo

Are you one in half a million?

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The latest figures released by ISTQB® show a continued global growth rate for the Certified Tester Scheme:
If you would like further information about ISTQB® certifications for you or team, or how to become an accredited training provider or the Partner Program please contact us

ISTQB® elected new Executive Team - Media Release

During the General Assembly meeting of ISTQB® - the International Software Testing Qualifications Board - held in Lima, Peru on Friday 24th of March 2017, elections for the new Executive Committee for ISTQB® were conducted.

ISTQB® has confirmed Mr. Gualtiero Bazzana, chairman of ITA-STQB – the Italian Testing Board and a respected figure in software testing internationally, to continue acting as President for a new term, covering the period 2017-2019. Gualtiero Bazzana has been active in ISTQB® since 2007, acting as the Chair of the Marketing Working Group from 2011 to 2015 and President from 2015.

Elections of the other members of the Executive Committee for the period 2017-2019 brought to the following results:

The ISTQB® General Assembly wishes the new ISTQB® Executive team good luck in the next two years of their terms.

The new Vice-President takes over from Mr. Yaron Tzubery. The ISTQB® General Assembly thanks Yaron for his work and long term contribution.

ISTQB® Glossary Re-platformed

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ISTQB® have recently re-platformed the Glossary App, the app can now be found at http://glossary.istqb.org

Contributions to the glossary have been received from testing communities throughout the world. The ISTQB® Glossary is used as a reference source for the ISTQB® software testing qualification scheme.

The app presents concepts, terms and definitions designed to aid communication in (software) testing and related disciplines.

The glossary of testing and related terms is used as a reference for all syllabi at Foundation, Advanced and Expert level.