Sunset date for the 2018 Foundation Syllabus Announced

Sunset date for the 2018 Foundation Syllabus (version 3.1) is 9th May 2024 for English, 9th November 2024 for non-English.

Version 4.0 (2023)  Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL 4.0) fully replaces the version 3.1 Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL 2018) as of May 9th 2023.  There is a period of 12 months where both syllabus and exams will co-exist in order to allow training providers and exam providers to transition to the new syllabus.

What does this mean to you?

Please ensure that any Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) training you are taking, either via a training provider or via self-study is based upon the 2023 CTFL Syllabus that was released on the 9th May 2023.

The 2018 CTFL Syllabus and associated exams will not be available after the 9th May 2024 for English, 9th November 2024 for non-English.

If you would like any more information or details, please message us on the chat box.

UKITB Welcomes Masterfield Training Center

UKITB welcomes Masterfield Training Center as a new Accredited Training Provider in the UK and Ireland.

The Budapest-based, Hungarian training company is going to provide the following accredited ISTQB certification training:

As an active member of the Hungarian software testing community, Masterfield will participate in the Hungarian Software Testing Forum in October 2023, where visitors will be able to meet their colleagues in person.

For further information, please visit the following website:

ISTQB Courses (

ISTQB® Webinar

Don't miss out on the upcoming ISTQB® Webinar! Join us on May 9th for an informative session about the changes to the Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) Syllabus.

As a testing professional, it's important to stay up-to-date with the latest changes in the field. The CTFL 4.0 certification provides essential knowledge that can be put to practical use, and explains the terminology and concepts used worldwide in the testing domain.

Whether you're project is based on Waterfall or Agile or your organization culture is DevOps, or still struggling with stable Continuous Integration, the CTFL certification is relevant across software delivery approaches and practices.

During the webinar, you'll learn about the recent updates to the syllabus and gain a deeper understanding of the fundamental concepts of software testing. Our expert presenters will share their insights and answer any questions you may have during the Q & A session.

The webinar will be streamed live on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, making it easily accessible for everyone.

You can join the session from the comfort of your own home or office and learn at your own pace.

This is a great opportunity to elevate your testing knowledge and empower your agile transformation.

Don't miss out on this valuable learning opportunity!

Mark your calendars for May 9th and join us for the ISTQB webinar on the updates to the Certified Tester Foundation Level Syllabus.

New Partnership Announced With A4Q

London, 16.02.22: The UK and Ireland Testing Board and the A4Q - Alliance for Qualification have agreed on a comprehensive cooperation in the qualification of IT professionals across multiple disciplines.

The common goal of this partnership is the development and dissemination of training standards, e.g. in the area of software testing. Geoff Thompson, chairman of the UKITB, was enthusiastic:

"With this cooperation, we will ensure in the future that the quality of training, for example, according to the ISTQB® standard, will remain at a high level."

Geoff Thompson

A4Q is an association of experts and companies in the field of quality assurance and qualification, which aims to establish worldwide standards.

The UKITB is one of the leading boards for training SOFTWARE TESTERS and a founding member of the ISTQB.

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Photo: Werner Henschelchen, Mike Smith, Geoff Thompson, Stephan Goericke (left to right)

Will ISTQB qualifications be recognised in the EU after Brexit?

Will ISTQB qualifications be recognised in the EU after Brexit?

Yes, ISTQB qualifications issued from the UK and Ireland Testing Board (UKITB) accredited exam partners (BCS or iSQI) will continue to be recognised in the EU and worldwide after Brexit.

There will be no change to the status of certificates issued prior to Brexit.


How to add your details to the Successful Candidate Register (SCR)

ISTQB® have implemented a fully searchable Successful Candidate Register.

You can search the register to verify a certificate. Certificate holders meeting the search criteria will be listed with an anonymised certificate number, meaning some digits are replaced by ***. This feature allows UKITB and ISTQB® to protect the certificate number from being misused but gives enough information to verify a certificate number that an individual has provided.

Inclusion in the register is voluntary so not all certificate holders will be included. The register is updated regularly but please allow some time for your details to appear – if you have any concerns please contact your certificate issuer.

BCS LogoiSQI LogoIndividuals holding an ISTQB® certification before the launch of the Successful Candidate Register may not yet be listed, please contact the Exam Provider, either BCS or iSQI who issued your certificate for information on how to be added (note: terms and conditions may vary by exam provider).

If you would like to withdraw or amend your information from the register please contact the Exam Provider, either BCS or iSQI who issued your certificate.

Certified Mobile App Tester

The UK and Ireland Testing Board are pleased to announce that they formally recommend the new iSQI Certified Mobile App Tester Certification, for more details check out the iSQI website.

CTEL Test Management & CTEL Improving the Test Process

The UK and Ireland Testing Board partner with a number of training providers to provide English certifications to the UK Market.

In the UK the demand for the Expert training and exams has not been high. Our training providers have decided not to develop the courses as they are expensive courses to develop until or unless the demand increases. There are training providers who do conduct the training in English, please search for their details.

Friend of UKSTAR 2018

The UK and Ireland Testing Board are really proud to a friend of the 2nd UKSTAR conference in March 2018.

UKSTAR is still a new conference, this is only 2nd year.  A two-day software testing conference aimed at UK-based testing professionals. Two-days on your doorstep means less time away from your projects – but enough to harness new ideas and approaches to help make those projects successful.

Testing is now a continuous feature of mainstream development processes. So too, the need for improvement, training and keeping abreast of the latest trends are continuous – the frequency of the gathering of testing’s best minds is more important than ever before.

UKSTAR offers 2-days of introspection and forward-thinking for software professionals who have worked tirelessly to bring testing to the fore and to renew the determination and passion to advance the role of testing in the years ahead.

This conference is open to all software professionals - particularly those with a passion for software testing - regardless of your approach to testing, your chosen school of thought, your affiliations or accreditation. If you are passionate about testing and interested in how it evolves, you should come to this conference. If you have ideas on how testing should evolve - or have experiences that others should hear about then you should come along and talk to your fellow like-minded professionals.

More details coming soon.......