The TMMi Model

Due to the limited attention given to testing in the various software process improvement models such as CMMI, the Test Maturity Model Integration (TMMi) was developed by the TMMi Foundation as an independent guideline and reference framework for test process improvement. It is positioned as complementary to CMMI and, just like the CMMI staged representation, TMMi uses the concept of maturity levels for process evaluation and improvement.

TMMi StructureTMMi Advantages


The struTMMi Structure 2cture of TMMi allows process improvements to be identified at every level, from the highest to the very lowest level of detail. There are 5 Levels that are split into 16 distinct Process Areas. These are made up of Specific and Generic Goals, which are in turn made up of Specific and Generic Practices. At the lowest level, there are 845 Sub-Practices that can be reviewed and assessed – giving an unrivaled in-depth view of an organisations test process maturity and a basis for test process improvement.

UK and Ireland Testing Board

Following the passing of motion #18 at the recent ISTQB General Assembly in Berlin, the UK and Irish testing boards have merged to form a new regional UK and Ireland Testing Board. The new board will be registered as a company in the UK and called the UK and Ireland Testing Board (UKITB)

The UK is continuing to provide the main services as they onboard testing specialists from Ireland to fully represent the region.

During the transition the UKITB website will be updated and rebranded to reflect the wider regional role. The Irish Testing Board website has already been de-commissioned.

Training suppliers, exam providers and partners from Ireland will be migrated to the UKITB web site.

If you have any queries about the new board or how we can support you across the UK and Ireland, please contact us.

How to add your details to the Successful Candidate Register (SCR)

ISTQB® have implemented a fully searchable Successful Candidate Register.

You can search the register to verify a certificate. Certificate holders meeting the search criteria will be listed with an anonymised certificate number, meaning some digits are replaced by ***. This feature allows UKITB and ISTQB® to protect the certificate number from being misused but gives enough information to verify a certificate number that an individual has provided.

Inclusion in the register is voluntary so not all certificate holders will be included. The register is updated regularly but please allow some time for your details to appear – if you have any concerns please contact your certificate issuer.

BCS LogoiSQI LogoIndividuals holding an ISTQB® certification before the launch of the Successful Candidate Register may not yet be listed, please contact the Exam Provider, either BCS or iSQI who issued your certificate for information on how to be added (note: terms and conditions may vary by exam provider).

If you would like to withdraw or amend your information from the register please contact the Exam Provider, either BCS or iSQI who issued your certificate.

Certified Mobile App Tester

The UK and Ireland Testing Board are pleased to announce that they formally recommend the new iSQI Certified Mobile App Tester Certification, for more details check out the iSQI website.

Employment & Certificate Screening

If you need to undertake pre-employment and certificate screening on behalf of a client and have been asked to confirm that a candidate has obtained a professional qualification through the UKITB, you will need to contact the Exam Body that conducted the examination on behalf of the UKITB.

You can contact the exam partners for more details:

BCS Certification Information
Tel: + 44 (0)1793 417655

iSQI Certification Information
Tel: + 44 (0) 118 9000 700

CTEL Test Management & CTEL Improving the Test Process

The UK and Ireland Testing Board partner with a number of training providers to provide English certifications to the UK Market.

In the UK the demand for the Expert training and exams has not been high. Our training providers have decided not to develop the courses as they are expensive courses to develop until or unless the demand increases. There are training providers who do conduct the training in English, please search for their details.

Friend of UKSTAR 2018

The UK and Ireland Testing Board are really proud to a friend of the 2nd UKSTAR conference in March 2018.

UKSTAR is still a new conference, this is only 2nd year.  A two-day software testing conference aimed at UK-based testing professionals. Two-days on your doorstep means less time away from your projects – but enough to harness new ideas and approaches to help make those projects successful.

Testing is now a continuous feature of mainstream development processes. So too, the need for improvement, training and keeping abreast of the latest trends are continuous – the frequency of the gathering of testing’s best minds is more important than ever before.

UKSTAR offers 2-days of introspection and forward-thinking for software professionals who have worked tirelessly to bring testing to the fore and to renew the determination and passion to advance the role of testing in the years ahead.

This conference is open to all software professionals - particularly those with a passion for software testing - regardless of your approach to testing, your chosen school of thought, your affiliations or accreditation. If you are passionate about testing and interested in how it evolves, you should come to this conference. If you have ideas on how testing should evolve - or have experiences that others should hear about then you should come along and talk to your fellow like-minded professionals.

More details coming soon.......

ISTQB® Security and Test Automation Certification

ISTQB® regularly reaches out to the testing community to understand the skills and competencies that are required by test professionals and employers. In response to market demand, ISTQB® have released Advanced Level certification in Test Security and Test Automation.

The security of our systems and applications is at the forefront of world news currently; building secure code is imperative, moreover, verifying that the security is implemented and is doing what it should, where it should is critical. ISTQB® Security Tester will help to develop essential advanced level skills in security testing.

With more organisations adopting a DevOps approach test automation is increasingly prevalent and important, ISTQB® Test Automation Engineer focusses on test automation theory and practice and how to influence the direction that an organization and/or project takes when designing, developing and maintaining test automation solutions for functional tests.

Check out the links for information and sample exam questions in ISTQB® Security and Automation.

Collaboration between ISTQB® and iSQI on Mobile App Testing certification announced!

iSQI's Certified Mobile App Professional (CMAP) has become a well-established qualification around the world and is already recommended by a number of ISTQB's Member Boards. On the 24th March, 2017 the ISTQB® General Assembly (in Lima, Peru) confirmed that iSQI's CMAP Mobile App Testing - Foundation Level certification will become part of the ISTQB® product portfolio. An ISTQB® working group has been established to support integration of the CMAP product and align documentation including the syllabus, exam and accreditation guidelines and glossary.
ISTQB® President Gualtiero Bazzana welcomes this collaboration, "Mobile testing has been a top priority in the latest surveys that ISTQB® has conducted among the global testing community, hence, we are happy that the ISTQB® Product Portfolio will soon be extended in this direction. The CMAP Foundation syllabus will be totally aligned to all the ISTQB® rules and guidelines".

Stephan Goericke CEO of the iSQI Group stated "Establishing a common standard in mobile app testing certification is a positive step for test professionals. CMAP has been very well accepted by the market with its focus on practical skills and we are delighted that ISTQB® has recognised the value of this certification".

The UK and Ireland Testing Board had been recommending this product previously as complementary and will fully integrate with the ISTQB portfolio.