BCS and UK and Ireland Testing Board sign agreement

10th March 2010
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BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT which promotes qualifications for professionals has signed an agreement with the UK and Ireland Testing Board (UKITB). The agreement will see the two organisations working more closely together to promote and support Software testing accreditation and certification internationally. UKITB will become the preferred supplier for the Institute’s software testing exams at Foundation and Advanced levels in accordance with the international ISTQB program. 
Agreement signed
Mike Smith (UKITB), Michiel Van der Voort (BCS) & Geoff Thompson (UKITB)
The agreement will also see the Institute working more closely with an increasing number of ISTQB boards around the world.
Internationally, software testing exams are currently available at a number of different entry points from Foundation to Advanced. For those professionals looking for certification beyond Advanced level, ISTQB will be providing its Expert level exam. The Institute will continue to offer its UK only Practitioner level in Software Testing until early 2011.
Michiel Van der Voort, Director, International and Professional Development Services, for BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT explains: “As the Chartered Institute for IT, we’re delighted to have reached this agreement with UKITB.  Together we have an enormous amount of experience in this arena and we can deliver a high quality service to the software testing community internationally.”
Geoff Thompson, Chairman of the UKITB welcomes the agreement, saying: “This is an exciting step forward for the software testing community which is central to the IT profession. By working together in this way, we can continue to increase the standard for software testing internationally.”
Yaron Tsubery the current president of the ISTQB adds: “This agreement helps software testers in the UK and around the world clearly understand the standards they need to meet. It supports ISTQB’ goal to be the worldwide leading program for the development and certification of software testers.”

Why is this good for the UK Testing Industry?

For trainees:

  • Harmonised post Foundation level certification – one single International Software Testing Certification Scheme

For employers:

  • Simplified the choice of scheme to follow, ISTQB is recognised globally and supported by 47 national boards
  • Consistent certification and testing vocabulary used globally
  • Simplified testing certification to support internal testing career paths

For training providers:

  • Single exam provider supporting all ISTQB exams in the UK (Foundation, Advanced Test Manager, Advanced Test Analyst and Advanced Technical Test Analyst)
  • Removal of the need to  market  two separate schemes
  • Removal of the effort required to maintain two separate advanced level certification schemes
    • Only need to accredit and maintain a single set of training materials
    • Trainers only need to be accredited once
  • Simplified accreditation and exam booking via a single examination provider
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