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Foundation Level

CTFL is examined by multiple choice, single questions up to a maximum of K3 level

The CTFL exams consist of 40 questions

The CTFL exam is 1 hour in length (75 minutes for candidates taking exams not in their native language)

The pass mark is 65% or above (26 marks out of 40)

Pass the exam words made by post it
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Advanced Level

CTAL is examined by multiple choice, scenario based, and analytical questions at K1 – K4 levels.

Advanced exams differ in lengths and number of questions, depending on the certificate module

Test Manager

65 Question, 180 Minutes

Test Analyst

60 Question, 180 Minutes

Expert Level

CTEL exams are a combination of essay based and practical experience, they can have questions at K5 and K6 level [Synthesise and Evaluate]. 

Exam Sitting 2

Exam Questions

Questions are classified according to the cognitive level, the K-level (also known as level of knowledge):

  • K1 = Remember (recognize a term or concept)
  • K2 = Understand (able to explain a concept)
  • K3 = Apply (select correct application of concept or technique)
  • K4 = Analyze (can distinguish between facts and inferences for deeper understanding)
  • K5 = Evaluate (can make judgments based on criteria and standards)
  • K6 = Create (can put elements together to form a coherent or functional whole)

The number of questions for each topic is related to the length of the topic in the syllabus

More details on the exam structures for the different certificates can be found on the ISTQB website at:

Online Learning


All of the ISTQB Syllabi and exams are supported with a single glossary of terms.  The glossary can either be downloaded in full, downloaded for each certification module or searched online via the ISTQB Glossary Portal in multiple languages.

If you notice any issues with the glossary, please contact us.


The UK and Ireland Testing Board use exam partners to deliver all forms of the ISTQB Exams in the UK and Ireland:

  • Online exams
  • Onsite exams
  • Public exam sittings

For more details on exam provision, such as public exam dates, how to sit an online exams and booking onsite exams, please contact one of our exam partners, alternatively, read our FAQ on finding an online exam centre.

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