UKITB to Attend and Sponsor Manchester Unicom Conference on Testing, Agile, DevOps, and Low Code Showcase: Exploring Good Practices

The United Kingdom and Ireland Testing Board (UKITB) is proud to announce its participation as a sponsor and attendee at the upcoming Manchester Unicom Conference, set to take place in February 2024. As a Professional Sponsor, UKITB is committed to promoting excellence in the field of software testing and quality assurance.

The Manchester Unicom Conference, dedicated to Agile, DevOps, and Software Testing, is a premier event for professionals and organisations striving to stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving software development landscape. The conference will provide a platform for thought leaders, industry experts, and practitioners to share insights, best practices, and innovative solutions.

Event Details:

UKITB is offering an exclusive opportunity to attend the conference with 10 free tickets. These tickets allow attendees to choose between in-person and online participation, ensuring flexibility to accommodate diverse preferences and circumstances. Interested individuals can secure their free ticket by filling out the application form available here. Complimentary tickets are on a first-come first-served basis and if the offer is oversubscribed in the interests of fairness, UNICOM may limit the number of participants, or the number of persons from the same organisation.

For those who may miss out on the free ticket offer, UKITB is providing a 20% discount code, "UKITB20" which can be used during registration to unlock substantial savings on conference tickets.

About UKITB:

The United Kingdom and Ireland Testing Board (UKITB) is a leading professional organisation dedicated to advancing the field of software testing and quality assurance. UKITB serves as a hub for testing professionals, offering certifications, training, and networking opportunities to foster excellence in software testing across the UK and Ireland.

UKITB's participation in the Manchester Unicom Conference reflects its ongoing commitment to promoting knowledge sharing, best practices, and innovation in the software testing industry.

About the Manchester Unicom Conference:

The Manchester Unicom Conference is an annual event organised by Unicom, known for hosting top-quality conferences and seminars focused on cutting-edge topics in the IT and software development domains. The conference provides a unique platform for industry experts, professionals, and enthusiasts to engage in meaningful discussions, gain valuable insights, and establish valuable connections within the software development community.

Don't miss this opportunity to join UKITB and other industry leaders at the Manchester Unicom Conference and embrace the future of Agile, DevOps, and Software Testing. Secure your spot today by applying for a free ticket or utilising the exclusive 20% discount code, "UKITB20".

Winner of the 2nd Practical Testing Challenge with UKITB! #2

The UK and Ireland Testing Board (UKITB) in collaboration with FindWhatsWrong (FWW) would like to pass on our congratulations to Catherine Bourne, who is the the winner of the 2nd Practical Testing Challenge bug hunt. 

Catherine scored a Defect Detection Percentage (DDP) of 87.5% in what proved to be a tricky challenge finding defects in what appears to be a simple login process on the FindWhatsWrong Practical Testing Platform. 

Although the challenge appeared to be a simple scenario, the average DDP was 47% across all the participants - so maybe not as straightforward as it appeared, making Catherine's performance even more creditworthy! 

Catherine took the £50 Amazon Voucher prize and had this to say

"A lovely surprise to win the challenge! I look forward to taking part in future challenges and would highly recommend others to give it a go - a great opportunity to put into practise testing skills in a different environment"

UKITB are planning to run more challenges so if you think you have what it takes to beat Catherine, our 'reigning champion' watch our social media for details of the next event! 

We would like to pass on our thanks to all that took part – we were delighted with the feedback. It proved to be an enjoyable experience for the participants. Watch out for the announcement and register for the next challenge!

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CTFL 4.0 Power-Packed Social Media Materials

The excitement about the ISTQB® CTFL 4.0 is growing rapidly! Don't miss the chance to boost interest in your social media channels with our power-packed social media materials for CTFL 4.0! 🌟


Tailored for your convenience, these resources can be utilized in English or localized to resonate better with your audience. Your Board has the choice!

Your marketing team is welcome to utilize the materials in English or localize them - feel free to update the texts for your channels!

Collaborate with ISTQB® for localization (images and texts)

Explore the materials here

Other CTFL 4.0 Resources:

CTFL 4.0 with Michael Pilaeten - available on our Youtube channel provides compehensive insights into the updates and crucial changes in the Foundation Level syllabus.

View webinar

Are you receiving queries about CTFL 4.0 and wondering how best to respond? Look no further! We have compiled a comprehensive FAQ section that addresses some of the questions your community might have.


New CTFL 4.0 logo

With the recent launch of the new CTFL 4.0 syllabus, we would like to introduce the new CTFL 4.0 logo. This logo proudly represents the essence of the updated syllabus. Any future versions of the syllabus will have a new logo provided. We kindly request you to download the appropriate logo files from the ISTQB® SharePoint platform and distribute them to your examination and training providers.


Regarding the new logo, the Executive Committee recommendation is to add "4" to the CTFL acronyms and make it visible as a new certification instead of grouping it with the previous CTFL. The above recommendation also applies to other certifications. Detailed instructions below. Due to the change of the acronym to CTFL4, we kindly request that the CTFL 3.1 version retains the acronym CTFL3 until the CTFL 3.1 syllabus becomes effective.

Download new logotype

New UKITB Website Live

It's not quite spring, but we thought it was time for a little tidy up, fresh coat of paint and generally a new look for the website.

We know that we are not perfect and there will be some minor teething troubles with the new site, so if you spot something, drop us a note by using our new Chat Bot (UKI) and typing in "email"

Sunset date for the 2018 Foundation Syllabus Announced

Sunset date for the 2018 Foundation Syllabus (version 3.1) is 9th May 2024 for English, 9th November 2024 for non-English.

Version 4.0 (2023)  Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL 4.0) fully replaces the version 3.1 Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL 2018) as of May 9th 2023.  There is a period of 12 months where both syllabus and exams will co-exist in order to allow training providers and exam providers to transition to the new syllabus.

What does this mean to you?

Please ensure that any Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) training you are taking, either via a training provider or via self-study is based upon the 2023 CTFL Syllabus that was released on the 9th May 2023.

The 2018 CTFL Syllabus and associated exams will not be available after the 9th May 2024 for English, 9th November 2024 for non-English.

If you would like any more information or details, please message us on the chat box.

FWW and UKITB Practice Testing Challenge Back with a Bang

UKITB has partnered and is collaborating with ‘FindWhatsWrong’ to help bring a second new, practical software testing challenge to the market.

UKITB has been driving software testing forward in the UK and Ireland for over 15 years. UKITB

This latest initiative has seen Members of our Technical Advisory Group (TAG) assist in developing and piloting an innovative practical software testing platform aimed at helping individuals and organisations evaluate and develop their software testing skills.

The 2nd running of the Practicle Testing Challenge using the updated ‘Software Testing Simulator’ developed by FindWhatsWrong has already been introduced to support the “UK Institute For Apprenticeships and Technical Education” Software Tester Level 4 Apprenticeship scheme.

The UKITB Practice Testing Challenge

UKITB is kicking off the 2nd ‘hands-on’ challenge for testers to find defects in a very simple scenario. So can you find the defects in an everyday IT feature? There’s a winners prize of a bottle of champagne for whoever gets the best DDP ‘Defect Detection Percentage’ in this 1-hour challenge.

We’re restricting this to the first 100 contestants in selected time slots. It sounds simple, but is it? You need to find the defects and avoid selecting things that aren’t. And to make it interesting, we are using a unique feature of the platform that enables the applications to behave in a myriad of different ways for the same User Stories and Acceptance Criteria – so collaborating with a fellow contestant might not help!

Book your slot and take the challenge

This is the second ‘Challenge’ that the UKITB are running and if you miss out on this one, there will be more to come in the future.

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    UKITB Welcomes Masterfield Training Center

    UKITB welcomes Masterfield Training Center as a new Accredited Training Provider in the UK and Ireland.

    The Budapest-based, Hungarian training company is going to provide the following accredited ISTQB certification training:

    As an active member of the Hungarian software testing community, Masterfield will participate in the Hungarian Software Testing Forum in October 2023, where visitors will be able to meet their colleagues in person.

    For further information, please visit the following website:

    ISTQB Courses (

    TestExpo, Agile, DevOps and Low Code Expo

    UKITB Professional Partner, following the success of recent virtual events, UKITB is pleased to continue our involvement as a Professional Partner for the next Unicom UK Event in 2023

    The 2nd 2023 flagship conference TESTEXPO, AGILE, DEVOPS & LOW CODE EXPO returns to London. Testing, Agile, DevOps and Low Code have shared environments that facilitate working together. Spurred by greater demand for excellence, these methods are adopting new tools and processes. The main features of this conference are:

    Alongside this conference, we have a co-located event KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT, INFORMATION AND DATA: CONFLUENCE AND STATE OF THE ART, 19-20 OCTOBER, LONDON. You can now choose to attend any session of either conference, in-person in London or join online from anywhere in the world!

    See the conference site for more details of the programme As a Professional Partner, UKITB has a limited number of FREE tickets available on a first-come, first-served basis, if those have all gone, then there is also a 20% discount code (UKITB20) that can be applied to standard ticket prices;

    ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level - CTFL v4.0 has been released

    We are thrilled to share the exciting news that the ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) v4.0 has been released! This significant achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved in bringing this latest version to life. We extend our warmest congratulations to all those who contributed to the successful release of CTFL v4.0.

    What does the CTFL V4.0 release include?
    The release of CTFL v4.0 brings with it a wealth of valuable information and resources for software testers. One notable change is the introduction of live streaming as the medium to announce the product release. For the first time ever, the unveiling of CTFL v4.0 took place through a live streaming event held at 9:00 CEST. Attendees eagerly awaited the release note, which was made available later in the day.

    Now, let’s dive into what this release entails. CTFL v4.0 comprises several essential components that will greatly benefit aspiring and experienced testers. First and foremost is the updated ISTQB® Certified Foundation Level Syllabus (v4.0) in PDF format. This comprehensive syllabus serves as a roadmap for individuals seeking to establish a strong foundation in software testing methodologies and practices.

    In addition to the syllabus, CTFL v4.0 includes the Sample Exam Questions and Answers (v4.0) in PDF format. These resources provide invaluable practice material to help testers prepare for their CTFL certification examination. By familiarising themselves with the sample questions and their corresponding answers, aspiring testers can enhance their knowledge and gain confidence before sitting for the actual exam.

    CTFL V4.0 guidelines
    To ensure the accreditation process aligns with the latest version, the Accreditation Guidelines (v4.0) have been released alongside the CTFL v4.0 materials. These guidelines outline the criteria and standards for accrediting training providers and ensuring the delivery of high-quality education and certification programs. Testers and organizations can refer to these guidelines to choose accredited training providers and make informed decisions regarding their certification journey.

    Furthermore, the release includes the comprehensive Release Notes (v4.0) in PDF format. These notes provide detailed information about the updates, enhancements, and changes made in CTFL v4.0. Testers can refer to these notes to gain insights into the specific modifications introduced in this latest version and better understand its impact on their testing practices.

    It’s worth noting that the exam documents have also been updated to align with CTFL v4.0. The Exam Structure Table has been revised to version 1.6, ensuring that the exam accurately reflects the content and objectives covered in the latest syllabus. Test takers should familiarize themselves with this updated structure to have a clear understanding of the exam’s format and expectations.

    How to access new content and resources
    To access the new content and resources related to CTFL v4.0, interested individuals can visit the CTFL page on the official ISTQB® website. The page provides easy access to the PDF documents, allowing testers to download and study the materials at their convenience. For those who may still be pursuing the previous version, CTFL v3.1 materials remain available on a dedicated page, catering to the needs of both current and aspiring testers.

    For holders of CTFL v3.1 and previous versions, there’s good news. Your certifications remain valid, and there is no requirement to upgrade or retake the exam. However, it’s important to note that CTFL v4.0 represents a major version update, and therefore, the material has been reaccredited to reflect the latest industry standards and best practices.

    With the release of CTFL v4.0 now public, Member Boards and Exam Providers are encouraged to share this information through various channels. Websites can be updated, social media posts can be made, and any relevant platforms can reference the ISTQB® website and the deliverables associated with CTFL v4.0. The ISTQB® social media team has already scheduled posts to spread the word about this significant release.

    The release of ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) v4.0 is cause for celebration in the software testing community. This major release brings new opportunities for testers to enhance their skills and knowledge. The CTFL v4.0 package includes the updated syllabus, sample exam questions and answers, accreditation guidelines, and release notes, all of which contribute to a comprehensive and enriched learning experience. Current CTFL v3.1 certification holders need not worry, as their certifications remain valid. However, testers are encouraged to explore the new materials and stay updated with the latest industry standards. The release note, shared after a live streaming event, contains detailed information about the enhancements and changes introduced in CTFL v4.0. With the news now public, Member Boards and Exam Providers are encouraged to disseminate the information through various channels, further expanding the reach of this valuable certification.